Memorial Day Politiku

May 26, 2009

You guessed it! Here it is (link + post):
A lovely poem about Decoration Day, which was the original name of Memorial Day, was left as a comment there, plus other comments.

Irene Gravina’s Politiku

No sense to be made
Down on the grass by your grave
Green bug on my wris


Mother’s Day Politiku

May 19, 2009

Please see more Politikus and background on Mother’s day at Susanna Speier’s blog (cross posted on the Huffington Post:

Irene Gravina’s Politiku

“I chose Obama
From the start of the campaign,”
my Mom says proudly


May 8, 2009

See an explanation of Politikus and link to more on Obama’s first 100 days on the Huff Post at:

Irene Cullen Gravina’s Politiku

When Obama won
The world held its breath–and now
Begins to exhale

Paul McCartney’s new song.

May 6, 2009


April 29, 2009

My daughter, Lindsay, jokes about artists who begin statements with, “I have loved to draw since I was ___ years old.”  But when I was three I told my mother, “Talking is my favorite job.”  What can I say?